Don King Hairstyle

Why is Don King’s hair like that?

Don King’s hairstyle has a tale, which all started through a challenging phase of his life. After his discharge from prison, he started promoting local boxing events. His career elevated in 1971 when he convinced Muhammad Ali to fight in a charity exhibition match in Cleveland.
This exhibition match manifested the start of his career as a boxing promoter.
He became a well-known American boxing promoter known for his flashy character and essential impact on professional boxing.
He was reputed for supervising several of history’s most prominent boxing matches. His journey took him from a prison cell to travelling around the world. In 1984, he even endorsed The Jacksons’ “Victory Tour”. He is often recognized for his unique hairstyle. He used to wear a tall, gravity-defying and often untidy hairstyle.
Don King’s hairstyle amalgamates a big, rounded afro and tight vertical curls, providing an exceptional appearance. Though, one of his most eminent qualities was his exceptional hairstyle. His hairstyle has become an essential part of his public image. His hairstyle was also replicated or exemplified in well-liked culture.
Due to Don King’s hairstyle, people mainly considered him a man who had just seen a ghost or survived the electric chair.