Chic Korean Short Haircuts

You daily meet lots of people with short hairstyles. From K-pop dramas to skin care, Koreans have taken the world completely. Now, Koreans have joined the list of hair styling. Korean women have matchless, silky, smooth hair and like to keep it short.
Korean short hair styling comes after years of super long extensions, curls, braids, buns, and blowouts.
Therefore, women worldwide like to have Korean short hair styling, so we compiled some of the best Korean short hairstyles for women.

1. Blunt Korean Bob

Blunt Korean Bob is another most famous 1990s Korean short hairstyle. It is suitable for sleek, silky, and smooth hair. You can get this hairstyling by having the short hair near the line. Girls with round faces can get this haircut for a more hefty appearance.

2. Short Hair, Korean Hairstyle: Bowl Cut

A bowl cut is a gender-neutral Korean hairstyle that is simple and easy to maintain. Just have a bowl-cut style, and you are on the go. You can also style it from the back to the front so it falls on your brow.

3. Burgundy Lob

The burgundy and auburn are the most trendy hair colours for Korean beauties. They wear the short lob style with these burgundy and auburn hues against yellow undertones. You need to maintain your hair colour by using high-quality, colour-safe products.

4. Shag

Korean beauties also prefer the bright orange shag in short and long layers from the crown to the nape. You can achieve this Korean hairstyling with front bangs and side layers, and it is perfect for oblong faces.

5. Layered Bob

This layered bob Korean hairstyle is easy to maintain. You can have the layered bob to add more volume and texture to your hair. This hairstyle is best for girls with oval and oblong face shapes.

6. Bob with Blunt Bangs

Bob with a blunt bang is a classic Korean hairstyle. Adding a pink hue and blunt bangs looks simple and stylish. Bob with Blunt Bangs is not suitable for girls with round face shapes.

7. Waif Haircut

Girls with thick and rough hair can have this modest waif haircut. To achieve this hairstyle, you must have shorter and choppy sides, look edgy, and keep the volume at the top of your head. You can also style your haircut with messy curls or straighten hair.

8. Curly-Ended Bob

Korean women with well-defined jawlines have pull-off hair lengths that end above them. You can pair it with a middle parting with no bangs.

9. Wavy Bob with Outward Ends

The wavy bob is another famous Korean short hairstyle for girls with wavy hair. You can have wavy, short hair and pair it with outward ends. This hairstyle enhances your face beauty and makes your hair look thicker.

10. Tucked Bob

The tucked bob is another 90s hairstyle of Korean girls. You can achieve this hairstyle by having a haircut into a bob shape and then tucked behind the ears or pinned back to make sleek and polished bangs.

Generally, Korean Short Hair Styles are the hottest trends nowadays. These Korean hairstyles for girls are easy to maintain and ideal for getting rid of breakage. Moreover, these hairstyles are simple and elegant, perfect for professional girls.