Braided Pigtails

Hottest Trends: Best Cute Girls Hairstyles for 2023

Explore the latest cute girls’ hairstyles for 2023. Let your little princes discover the trendiest hairstyles, including braided pigtails, waterfall hairstyles, twisted ponytails, half-up buns, and many more.

7 Cute Girls Hairstyles for 2023

Hairstyle is one of the most precious parts of our personality, which is why people spend time and money on them. It holds equal importance for men, women, and kids. Pay attention to their hairstyles if you want your kids to look cute and confident.

Every mother has this fascination with dressing up their daughter. In this way, they recall when their mothers dressed their hairstyles. If you cannot find cute girls’ hairstyles, here is a complete guide. 

1. Braided Pigtails

If you want your princes to look different from other kids with a stylish and contemporary cute girl hairstyle, then opt for a braided pigtail. As its name suggests, it is a version of a braided hairstyle. It is one of the most diverse hairstyles because it has many variants, such as bubble puffy pigtails with braids, curly pigtail braids, fox hawks’ pigtails, and many more. You can attain these hairstyles with any hair. Whether your kids have short hair or long, you can easily transform their look with them.

Little girls are obsessed with their favourite TV characters. They always inspire them, and as a result, they dream the same hairstyles to wear. Many TV characters have worn braided pigtails; therefore, it is an ideal choice to bring a smile to your kid’s face.

2. Half-Up Bun

If you want your little girl to rock with a simple hairstyle, then a half-up bun is what you are looking for. There is a myth about the half-up bun that it is a complex hairstyle, but in reality, it’s not. It takes very little time to style. The best thing about this style is it exposes the facial features. It also has different variants, such as messy bun with braids, neat cornrow buns, straight waterfall, Dutch high buns, etc.
Gather your front hair for an elegant half-up bun to create a bun. Decide the height of the bun you want and hold the bun with a hair tie. Keep brushing the hair for a smooth look.

3. Twisted Ponytail

Are you looking for cute hairstyles for black teenage girls? Dress up your little queen with a twisted ponytail. It is a super easy, cute ponytail hairstyle for little black girls. All you need to do is twist the small hair sections at the back. Before that, comb the hair properly to remove any knots in the hair. After that, collect the hair in a ponytail position and divide the hair into two sections. The next step is to switch the section in the cross direction. Repeat the twisting process until you get a smooth, twisted ponytail.
A twisted hairstyle is highly suggested because school-going girls always remain in a hurry. The mothers need a cute, quick hairstyle for little black girls that is time-saving.

4. Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

You must have seen that kids often insist mothers style their hair in a particular way. They feel a different attachment to that style. Fishtail braid hairstyle is also one of those hairstyles. This hairstyle instantly elevates the kid’s look. Ultimately, they start to feel happy and confident, and they do not feel any shame in going anywhere.
Furthermore, many mothers have shown a common concern that their daughters get frustrated with hairstyles in which the hair comes before their eyes. It becomes so difficult to set the hair again and again. For those kids, a fishtail braid is the best choice because it ensures the stability of the hair. Once the hair is braided, it will remain in the same position. It will benefit the little black girls as they will play freely. Due to its versatility, the list of cute, quick hairstyles for little black girls is incomplete without the fishtail hairstyle.
Let’s discuss the best way to style this iconic and classy hairstyle. Firstly, comb the hair to make it clean and soft for the braids. Once the combing is done, jump to the next step: split the hair into two sections. Move a small strand of hair from the left to the right. Wrap that small strand with the right section of hair. Now repeat the same steps for the left section. Keep on switching and wrapping the strands alternatively till the end. To Strengthen the braids, you can use hair elastics.

5. Waterfall Hairstyle

 The waterfall hairstyle has gained huge popularity in recent times. It has become one of the top cute baby girl hairstyles these days. It allows the little girl to enjoy herself freely without worrying about keeping her hair out of her face. You must be thinking about how the waterfall hairstyle is different from others. We will address this to you.

The major fact that distinguishes the waterfall hairstyle from the rest of cute mixed-girl hairstyles is personalization. In simple words, personalization means styling the hair in your way. You can decorate your hair with different hair accessories. It will help you stand out in the crowd. Other kids will pay more attention to your kid’s hairstyle and ask about the procedure. If they do so, guide them the way we will guide you.
Grab a big part of hair from the left front and divide it into three small strands. Flip the last strand out of those three over the middle one. After that, pick the front strand out of those three and wrap it over the middle strand.
The next step is to pick a new section of hair from the back and flip it over the back strand out of those three strands. After that, leave the front strand to create the waterfall effect. Grab a new section of hair that replaces the previous front strand. After that, cross this new front strand behind the previous front strand. Repeat this process 5 to 6 times. Make sure that the braids are perfectly achieved. To make it more eye-catching, you can install hair flowers in the braids. Most importantly, focus on each step carefully to achieve the desired style. It might take a few practices to master this style.


6. Half Up, Half Down

Half up, half down is widely known as a cute baby girl hairstyle. It is a perfect style for school-going baby girls. It gives an excellent look with little effort. It has a few steps to achieve, which is why girls love it the most. Another reason to wear this style is that it exposes the face and allows you to showcase your beauty. To achieve this hairstyle, split your hair from the top front and gather it at the crown. Secure a ponytail with the top hair, and use any hair accessory. Now you will be thinking about the rest of the hair, right? The answer is simple: leave the rest of the hair free or brush them for a decent style.

7. Side Swept Curls

Do you know about a hairstyle that always stays in trend? It is the side-swept curls hairstyle. If you have natural curls, then wait now and wear this style immediately to amplify your looks. This simple hairstyle is popular worldwide among ladies of all ages. Even little girls can rock with this style. It is super quick to achieve because you must prepare your hair with a comb and remove knots. After that, use a curling iron and lock the curls with a hairspray. Then comes the final step: swipe the hair to one side.
In addition, you can make your princes look more adorable in a side-swept hairstyle by personalizing them with braids.


These coolest cute girl hairstyles enhance their personality and boost their confidence level. Mothers can show affection and love towards their daughters by dressing them up with side swept, fishtail braids, half up, half down, waterfall hairstyles, and many more.

If you are worried and confused about how to style your school-going baby, this guide is fruitful for you. These quick hairstyles for black girls take a very short time to achieve. You can make your little queen stand out in the crowd with little effort.