Best short loc mohawk

Loc Hairstyles for Short and Chic hairs

Get ready to dive into the sea of loc hairstyles for short hair because they will make you look different and attractive.

Loc hairstyle is very famous among black African Americans. In Loc hairstyle, African people make hair strands or interlock hairs to create a rop-like structure. They achieve their hair strands by twisting, braiding, or coiling of hairs.

Loc hairstyles are also popular as dreadlocks in the fashion industry. Media celebrities are key in influencing common people’s decisions regarding their looks. Media stars also introduced dreadlocks for short hair, and as a result, people started adapting them. 

Moreover, this mesmerizing hairstyle took great attention, and now everybody wants a similar style. If you are searching for the best loc hairstyles for short hair, you are at the right place. Here, we will take you on the journey of choosing the most captivating and stylish short-hair dreadlocks.

Top 10 Most Unique and Elegant Loc Hairstyles

side-swept braided locs

If you want the coolest dreadlock hairstyle, there is no better choice than side-swept braided locs. It is one of the most attractive and statement-making hairstyles for short hair. Most importantly, it is very easy but adds swag to your look. You can make it more eye-catching by adding some hair accessories. For this hairstyle, you must create braids on one side of your head while the other will have simple locs. Therefore, this deadly combination will give you an aesthetic look.

Mohawk Locs

For ladies who wish to stand out, mohawk locs are a trendy and daring look for them. It differs from normal loc styles and can be customized according to your tastes and personality. In the mohawk loc style, the sides of your scalp must be shaved, and the rest of the hair must be left in locs or braids. Choose an adequate volume of hair for creating twists. Wax, gel, and spray are just a few style materials frequently used to create this appearance.

Double Buns Lock

Having a decent hairstyle that complements your overall look is very important. Double buns loc is a fresh hairstyle for people with short hair. The locs are twisted into a loop and knotted at the top of the head to create the style. It is appealing and adaptable since it has countless versions.

Faux Locs

If you are stuck and unable to pick the right hairstyle for your short hair, don’t panic; we have your best suggestions. Faux locs are the most recent hairstyles that give an excellent look. There is no great deal of hustle in preparing this style of hair. Faux Locs is a perfect option for people of all ages. The good thing about faux locs is that they can be easily changed anytime. For this hairstyle, all you need to do is to use a hair extension with your locks to create an amazing style.

Spiral Locks

The special thing about dreadlocks is that it is not limited to a few styles but have plenty of variants. It all depends on your choice and the mood which style you want to go with. If you are fed up with repeatedly wearing similar hairstyles, try these spiral locs to uplift your glance. Like a normal loc style, you must begin sectioning your hair. After that, to get curls, you have to use coils. This hairstyle will create a beautiful spiral pattern and get the most iconic style. It is a highly suggested loc hairstyle for short hair.

Cornrows Locs

The method for making cornrows is splitting the hair into rows and then using an attachment to create tiny three-strand braids in each row. The body of the braid is often kept near the head, while the ends are either left free or tied off. Such loc hairstyles for short hair require great care. This hairstyle has two main choices: either you can go with simple locs or create a pattern. Both of the styles are unique in themselves. 

Sponge Method

Sponge Locks are another form of twisted dreadlocks. They also look beautiful on all face shapes. They are especially recommended for short hair; thus, try this one if you need a classy look. Let’s learn how to get sponge locs.
The first step is to divide the front and back hair equally, and then the next step is to twist them. You can use your finger or a tool to create sponge locs for this process. You can add colors to make it more attractive and stylish.

Freeform Locks

Everybody dreams about having the most authentic and natural locks. If you are also one of them, it’s no longer a dream because we have an ideal choice. Freeform locs is one of the famous loc hairstyles for short hair when it comes to dreadlocks. Freeform is the right choice if you plan to get a loc hairstyle but do not want to lose your hair’s natural texture. Freeform locs are also called natural locs because they grow naturally without any hair product. You must be thinking about how to get freeform locs, right?

It has a very basic formula: twisting your hair once and then letting it grow. As time passes and hairs grow, they will naturally create the locs. In this way, you can save money, time, and effort. Most importantly, the texture of hair will remain organic.

Half up Twisted Dreads

If you want to try something inventive with your locs but have short hair, get relaxed. You will be happiest knowing that the latest loc hairstyle is perfect for short hair. Let’s unveil the secret.
Half-up twisted dreads add a glance and charm to your personality. Let’s learn how to get this amazing hairstyle.
You need to make small sections of your hair for this hairstyle and then twist them. This process will also require some instruments, including a wide comb and a hair wax. The ideal number of sections for short hair is 6. The sections will be created with the help of a tooth comb. It beautifully separates the hair and makes it easy to twist.
Applying hair wax will strengthen the twist. Remember that you have to twist one section at a time; otherwise, it will become difficult to achieve the actual style. Once you are done twisting, move your attention toward the rest of the hair that is not twisted. The final step is to style the

Flexi Rod Locs

As the name suggests, flexi rods are created with the help of a hair styling tool called a flexi rod. It is the latest addition in the world of loc hairstyle. It is highly recommended for short hair because it adds curls to the hair, bringing a stunning look.
The most important part of any styling technique is to clean them properly to smooth the styling. After that, divide the hair into sections and apply flexi rods. Remember that the hair is properly looped or coated around the flexi road; don’t get rushed; otherwise, the desired look will not be achieved.
Another important step is to apply hairspray because it will keep them in shape. Once this is done, let the hair breathe for some time. The final thing is to remove the flexi rods and enjoy your favorite curls.

5 Useful Tips to Maintain Loc Hairstyle for Short Hair

  • Never skip washing your locs; keep them clean.
  • Use a soft fabric towel to squeeze the locs and let them dry thoroughly.
  • Protect hair breakage by applying moisturizer.
  • Trim the edges to maintain an ideal length of your hair.
  • Avoid excessive use of hair products.

Benefits of a Good Loc Hairstyle

  • It gives self-satisfaction and keeps you in a good mood all day
  • It is the projection of your personality and the choices you make
  • A decent and stylish hairstyle makes you attractive
  • It speaks louder than words
  • It makes you more presentable,
  • It shows how much you care about yourself
  • People around you give more attention because a stylish hairstyle never goes unnoticed.
  • It complements your outfit.


In short, hair has a prestigious rank because it is the most highlighted part of our body. Most of the time, people notice the hairstyle before anything else. Moreover, evolving with the trend is very important in terms of hairstyles. It enhances your appearance as well as boosts your self-confidence. Making the right choice at the right time always benefits you. Whenever you feel like adding something new to your style, do it because it will make you happy.  

This article covers the trendiest loc hairstyles for short hair that you must try this year. They will help you look gorgeous among all.