Bald Head with a Ponytail

10 Ugly Hairstyles You Should Avoid

For creating the best impression, people try to wear a stylish hairstyle. For wearing an excellent hairstyle, there is a need for time, effort, and a good hairstylist. Some people try to achieve good hairstyles, which turn out to be ugly and negatively impact their image. In this article, we have mentioned 10 ugly hairstyles you should avoid not making the same mistake as these people did.

Here are some terrible and ugly hairstyles men and women should avoid:

Bald Head with a Ponytail

This man has bald his head all over and left some of the hair at the back of the head to make a frizzy ponytail. Men whose hair starts receding try different hairstyles that turn out to be bad and look uglier. Such types of hairstyles spoil their overall personality. If you are thinking of trying this hairstyle, make sure to avoid the embracement you will face when going outside because this bald head with a ponytail hairstyle would definitely not look good.

Mohawk Lizard

If you are impressed with this Mohawk Lizard hairstyle, definitely take a minute and ponder your decision. It is completely unintelligible how wise men who want to look stylish and want to stand out from the crowd can choose this hairstyle to turn out as clowns.  

Generally, a mohawk hairstyle is rock and overwhelming, but the bizarre undercut sides shaping it into a reptile mess up the entire look. 

Over Waxed Short Undercut

Nowadays, people go crazy about using the too much amount of hairstyling products. If you achieve a nice haircut, style it with a minimal amount of hair products. The man in this picture has used too much hair wax on his undercut light fade hair and did not style it properly. If he styles it properly by combing it into a partition, this hairstyle could save him from looking weird. This hairstyle is another bad and ugly one that smashes your personality.

Spiked Hair with Undercut

Spiked Hair with Undercut is another ugly hairstyle. 

When we think of spikes, we usually think of men’s hairstyles. However, this is not the case for this woman. The lady is wearing a spiked hairdo with an undercut, and it gives a vibe of unattractive personality. She can try the pixie cut or a bob cut to look elegant, but this hairstyle makes it a bad hair day style.

Braids on a Bald Head

This is another ugly hairstyle this man is wearing to look different in the crowd. You should not try to wear this hairstyle if you want to look impressive and stylish. Two-sided braids on a bald head can make you a laughing stock in public. If you ever want to wear this hairstyle, think twice.

Long Blonde Hair with Bursts of Coloring

If you have long blonde hair, you can style it in different ways, but don’t try the bursts of colors on them as you can see in the picture. The uneven colored spots on the blonde hair make them look bad.  So, just a plain blonde look is an ideal hair look if you style it in an impressive

Bald head with a High Ponytail

The hairstyle is what you should not try, not even mistakenly. Many people want to look different, and by mistake, they choose a worst and ugly hairstyle that makes them the butt of taunt and laughter. This bad girl hairstyle could easily be mistaken for a fanboy act.

Mohawk Gone Wrong

The hairstyle is the wrong version of the Mohawk hairdo. This man has chopped his hair from the back and let the top hair long straightened with a painful hair dye. If you want to save yourself from bad styling, keep yourself away from such bad hairstyles.

The Short Man Bun

The short man bun is a variation of the traditional man bun. The distinguishing feature of the short man bun is that it has a smaller amount of hair and is typically worn higher on the head, whereas the sides and back are shaved. This hairstyle looks rubbish and doesn’t suit any outfit or event.

Multiple Braided Pigtails

This is an example of pure bad hairstyles for men. This hairstyle with multiple braided ponytails on each side of the head with a center partition spoils your overall personality. Moreover, the uneven braids make it too ugly to wear on occasions and formal events. 

So, readers, this is our list of ugly hairstyles that the majority of people enjoyed a few years ago. The ugly hairstyle was very popular and eye-catching from the 70’s and 80’s. No words can describe the feeling of those who have voluntarily gone for these hairstyles.