Guest Posting

We always welcome quality content and premium guest posts. Content should be unique and plagiarism-free, but it should also have something valuable for our readers. Before submitting your blog, please make sure to do the following things.

  • We only encourage high-quality, informative, and well-researched blogs that should add value to our website and hairstyling niche.
  • Content should be unique, and it should not copy past. We will manually check before submitting it on the website.
  • Content should be human-written and well-researched. There should be no involvement of AI (chatGPT, etc.), or we will reject your post immediately.
  • Make sure there should be no spinning or keyword stuffing.
  • The post should be at least 1000 words and well written.
  • There should be subheadings, bullet points, and paragraphs to make the blog more readable for search engines and end users.
  • Amazon product reviews must be free.
  • Guest posting with promotional links must be paid.
  • We recommend you use Grammarly before submitting your blog to eliminate all possible grammatical mistakes.
  • All images should be in the attachment, and make sure each image’s size is not more than 200kb.
  • There should be no violation of copyright of anything, including images, in your submission.
  • Submission forwarded as Word documents using the following email address.