25 Best baby girl hairstyles for a gorgeous look

25 Best baby girl hairstyles for a gorgeous look (2023)

If you are a parent of a baby girl and want to know what to do with the natural hair of your infants, you are right here. Style the baby girl’s hair is one of the many tasks involved in your daily to-do list. The little girls, being tender-headed, often refuse to sit for a few minutes to get their hair styled, and it is also a confusing task to figure out what style you can create.
Luckily, we have saved you from this stress regarding the baby girl’s hairstyle selection. If you are looking for the best baby girl hairstyles for your cute little daughter, you have come to the right place.
Here is a collection of some of the best girl hairstyles that are easy to make as well as fashionable and charming.
We have put together some of the best natural hairstyles for baby girls for white, black, and brown. Even if you are not an expert at creating baby girl hairstyles, don’t worry; there are various easy options for you to select from.
Over time, your toddler is now growing, and her hair wants additional care. You should comb, clip, and groom their hair regularly so they can have eye-catching hair when they grow up.
If you are fed up with the simple ponytail and are searching for the best baby girl hairstyles, you are at the right place, and your wait is over. Your baby girls have long enough hair for hairstyling; you can try the below-mentioned beautiful hairstyles for baby girls.
Before jumping to the best hairstyles for baby girls, you must learn about the types of equipment for styling your cute baby girl’s hair.

Essential equipment for baby girl’s hairstyling

For making the hairstyle for babies with short hair, you must have a few essential types of equipment. These styling equipment are necessary for the black baby girl hairstyle as well. Here is a list of a few essential pieces of equipment that you will need to style babies’ hair:

  1. The Wet Brush
  2. Colourful ponytails/hairbands
  3. Styling comb
  4. Hair bows optional
  5. Detangle Spray  Bottle

Here, we list 25 cute baby girl hairstyles for your toddlers to give them an absolutely smart look. These are perfect for bringing out the best in your cute little princess.

1. Pixie Haircut Hairstyle

If your baby girl has straight hair, a Pixie haircut is ideal. In this haircut, The hair is cut short at the back and sides but left slightly longer on top, making it easy to manage and style.And also keep their hair out of their eyes.

2. One or Two Pigtails

You can try one or two pigtails on the soft hair of your baby girl. This look is ideal to keep the hairstyle simple yet elegant. Making the pigtails is very easy. You need to put her hair in pigtails and apply a rubber band.

It’s a basic and simple hairstyle for cute baby girls. You need a soft fabric headband and a wide-tooth comb. Genteelly combed the hair and added a floral band. This hairstyle for babies is perfect for formal occasions and even photo shoots.

4. Ponytail

The ponytail is another easy-to-wear and simple hairstyle for babies. Just brush the baby’s hair with a colorful band or rubber tie.

5. Bow-Pinned Hairstyle

The bow-pinned hairstyle is ideal for all those baby girls with short hair that cannot be tied into a ponytail. Create a side part in your baby’s hair, then use beautiful hairpins to secure it.

6. Ponytails down the middle

The bow-pinned hairstyle is ideal for all those baby girls with short hair that cannot be tied into a ponytail. Create a side part in your baby’s hair, then use beautiful hairpins to secure it.

7. Triangular hairstyle

You can create triangles in your baby’s hair with ponytails. The triangular hairstyle is one of the simple and easy-to-make hairstyles for baby girls. You can start with two ponytails on the top of the head and then make a third ponytail by joining the two pigtails and adding a bit of hair from below.

8. High Top Bun

This high-top bun is one of the most attractive and appropriate hairstyles for baby girls with long hair. You need to gather all the hair up like you do a ponytail and then twist the hair to create a bun in the middle of the head. You can secure this hairstyle with hair balm from getting messy.

9. Top Knots

You can create this hairstyle easily with colorful hair elastic. First, create the two-section tie, each with an elastic band.

10. Criss-Cross Banded Pigtails

For toddlers with fine, thin hair, a hairband style like this is ideal for concealing the lack of volume in the front.

11. Triple Buns Infant Hairstyle For Short Hair

If your baby girl has thick hair, try making the three-bun hairstyle with some accessories.

12. Cute Afro Puff Baby Hairstyle

You can also make a simple bun on your baby’s hair if your toddler does not sit still for hairstyling.

13. Side Parted Curly Afro with Accessories

For fun and pretty hairstyle for your black baby girl on a casual day, part her hair and decorate with a matching headband and bead pins.

14. Banded Twists Black Baby Girl Style

You can make this hairstyle if you want a fun-filled day out with your black baby girl. You can create twists with bands; you only need colorful hair ties and gel.

15. Cornrow Ponytail with Beads

For a day-out party and functions, you can make this elegant hairstyle. Cornrows styled into a cute bun is the best hairstyle to make your girl look attractive. You can also add some hair beads for fun.

16. Infant Pigtails with Braided Sections

You can create Infant Pigtails with Braided Sections easily for your baby girl. Divide the hair into two sections, make pigtails, then make braids with each section and secure with hair bands.

17. Mini Afro Puffs for Black Infants

Mini Afro Puffs is a classical yet elegant hairstyle for black baby girls with kinky hair. You can try the mini afro puffs if your daughter has short hair. This hairstyle for babies with short hair makes them look too cute.

18. Classic bob

A classic bob hairstyle is always popular for mothers to make their daughters stylish. It’s an easy-to-create hairstyle and stays throughout the day. You can visit a professional stylist to have this haircut for your baby.

19. Middle Pony

Middle Pony is the easiest hairstyle for mothers. No matter how small your girls are, this hairstyle is comfortable. This hairstyle is ideal if you don’t want to see the hair on a baby’s face.

20. Princess Hairstyle

With this hairstyle, you can make your daughter ready for the party and formal functions. If you want to carry your baby girl with you at some special event, you can style her hair in this modern hairstyle.

21. Little locks and curls

Little locks and curls make your little darling look fashionable at the party. You can easily opt out of this hairstyle for a wedding or Christmas night.

22. Sweet Brown Hairstyle

This sweet brown hairstyle is ideal for a baby girl with brown wavy hair. For this hairstyle, you must clip some strands on the left side while others hang loose.

23. Clip with Locks

You can achieve this hairstyle easily for your baby girl. Just clip on one side of the baby’s hair while leaving the rest with beautiful soft locks.

24. Braided with Beads for the Back Toddler

Black baby girls often have kinky hair, so you can create braids on your daughter’s short hair and decorate them with some beads on the end for a stylish look.

25. Twists with Beret

Two-strand twisting is a classic style to fast change your baby girl’s hair from upset to fancy. You can also incorporate barrettes on the ends. The extra weight will deliver extended length and fun activity.

The Final Verdict:

You might need ideas if you are a new mummy and doing a hairdo of your little girl. Fortunately, you live in the digital age where you can find many ideas for your baby girl’s hairstyle online. Remember one thing: You can’t create the perfect hairstyle in a single try; you need practice and patience.
Select a hairstyle that suits your fun-loving kid’s personality. Don’t bind yourself to what everybody else is doing. Look around and take ideas for the best baby girls’ hairstyles to make them look attractive and gorgeous.