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Vitamins and how they help to grow hair faster (2023)

What is it that hair does to your look? It only projects your beauty and grace in the most feminine way possible. All our lives we have played the waiting game, where we patiently waited,waited and waited some more for those treacherous strands of hair to grow longer but now the time has come to end the wait and have longer hair in a shorter period of time.

If you have done everything in your power to speed up the process of hair growth and failed inevitably then you need to look at the kind of Vitamins you’re consuming on a daily basis. When you maintain a healthy diet that provides your body with the right nutrition the quality, quantity and length of hair starts to improve in no time.


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Hair Growth Vitamins:

The below mentioned Vitamins will help you get the hair length you desire.

Vitamin A.

To grow the cells this is the most crucial type of Vitamin. Your hair strands will not dry out and break as Vitamin A maintains the production of sebum. Consuming vegetables and fruits like peaches, cantaloupe, carrots and peaches will be extremely beneficial.


The problem of hair thinning will be solved when the consumption of Biotin is increased. Your hair will grow faster too. Peas, brown rice, oats and lentils are rich sources of Biotin.

Vitamin C.

To improve the growth of hair and strengthen it from the core the production of collagen needs to improve. Vitamin C helps to produce more collagen. So, start eating more kiwis, blueberries, oranges and strawberries.

Vitamin D.

Not only will the sorrows of hair loss come to an end but you will see faster hair growth too. Vitamin D is responsible for the promotion and stimulation of hair growth. The sun is the best source of Vitamin D. Consumption of yogurt, cheese and milk will also give you the right amount of Vitamin D you need.

Vitamin E.

Your scalp needs to stay clean and healthy only then can hair growth be promoted. It is an antioxidants that helps to build and repair tissues. Broccoli, almonds, avocado and different seeds are brimming with the goodness of Vitamin E.


It plays a major role in providing nourishment to the scalp and is in charge of stimulating the growth of hair. Niacin gives your hair the look it needs and reverses the conditions of lifeless and brittle hair. Mushrooms, turkey, tuna, avocado and chicken are some of the food that has Niacin.


Definitely not a vitamin but this mineral is extremely important when it comes to promoting the growth of hair. Iron promotes the growth of hair and strengthens the hair. Deficiency of iron in your daily diet can turn your hair lifeless, dry and thin.  Spinach, oysters and red meat are some of the sources of iron.

Now the struggles of growing long and lustrous hair will come to an end. Reduce the levels of stress and enjoy a healthy life by consuming the right vitamins.

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