Meme don’t you lecture me with that 30 dollar haircut

The most famous thing in the meme industry right now would be shocking. Most people would think that the most famous thing would be some random joke from Instagram, but it is actually from one of the most famous anime in the world, Dragon Ball Z. In that scene, one of the characters says to the other, “Don’t you lecture me with that 30-dollar haircut.

This sentence become the most widely used sentence in showing ego. This meme has recently been one of the world’s most-used GIFs. But someone was so inspired by this meme that they created an audio maker using different tools with many sounds ranging from popular memes and Minecraft block sounds.

This page was the early beat producer for small rap tournaments, and this app was used widely for different things. The merchandise of these sacred words was sold as one of the most expensive ones recently, causing chaos at the auction house due to the limited stock. In the old times, this was one of the most used websites.

It had approximately 40 thousand daily users, and the creator always added new sound effects. But after the creator’s death, there was no one to control the website, and it went unseen after a while. Suddenly, it made its reappearance a few days back when a tic toker posted himself using the app; this caused a lot of nostalgia and people more desperate than ever to find the site, and when people did, the site blew up with users, causing the site to stop working properly for the next few hours. Fans restored their old obsession with this site, but the last creator left a message at the end, which shocked the fans. The message stated that the Dragon Ball Z scene was fake as he had used this site to change the character’s words.

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