scalp massage for hair growth

How Massaging Your Scalp for Better Hair Growth? (2023)

Scalp massage involves gentle manipulation of the scalp’s tissues, offering relaxation and potential benefits. It stimulates blood flow, promoting hair health and relieving stress. By targeting pressure points, it can relieve tension and headaches. Using fingertips or specialized tools, a soothing rhythmic motion is applied. Regular scalp massages enhance hair quality and provide a calming sensation, making it a popular choice for self-care routines and spa treatments.

As they say, every part of our body matters. You might not understand the importance of it, but once you lose it, you do get to know how it completed the overall look. Hair is one such important component of our body. How we love to flaunt it, play with it and leave it open whenever we go out. Be it a guy or a girl, each one of us like styling our hair. But what if it reduces? Have you ever thought of it? Many of you might have not reached that phase and many of you are already struggling with it. Nonetheless, you should be aware of the solutions in case you are facing hair loss problems.

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Here are some of the remedies you can adopt to prevent hair loss:

Avoid all such things that will raise your hairline:

Do not tie up your hair very tightly. This might just lead to the increase in your hairline and make your forehead more visible. Try to follow hair styles that require you to loosen up your hair. Use minimum hair pins.

Adopt natural ways:

There are a number of natural remedies you can try. For instance, a hot oil massage can do wonders when it comes to re-growing hair. On the other hand, if you squeeze some fresh onion juice on the affected area of your scalp, you will find new hair coming out in less than a week.

Stop taking stress:

Stress can be the root cause to a lot of problems in life. Hair fall is one of them. Balancing your life and maintaining a correct schedule with the right diet can help you prevent hair loss.

Stay away from chemicals:

There are times when you face hair loss problem simply because you are not using the correct hair product. Shampoos with a lot of chemicals or hair gels can lead to hair fall. Try to stick to very mild shampoos and avoid using excess amount of hair gel.

Stop brushing wet hair:

When hair is wet, its weak and tangled. Brushing it forcefully would lead to hair loss. Either use a hair dryer or wait for your hair to dry and then comb as much as you want. Rough treatment might lead to hair loss.

Speaking of blow dryers:

Hair straightening machines, blow dryers, and all such products that get excessively heated up can cause permanent damage to your hair. Try using them as less as possible and even if you use them, make sure that they are of good quality.

Keep your scalp clean:

Hair fall is a result of unclean scalp. Make sure you wash your scalp, keep it dry. Avoid your scalp from getting sweaty or dirty. Cover your head when you are in any polluted or dry area.

Taking care of your health is an extremely important thing that we are forgetting these days. Scalp massage for hair growth is a part of it as well. A bit of care and attention would keep your hair beautiful and make you happy.

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