business in the front, party in the back

Exploring the Timeless Allure of the Mullet Hairstyle 2023

The Mullet hairstyle is very unique. In this style, the barber cuts the hair shorter at the front and sides and lets the hair grow longer at the back. The mullet haircut was first tried by a well-known French fashion designer named Henri Mollet, and it became famous with his name. The haircut became even more well-known when a few celebrities like Pat Sharp started wearing it. For people who were kids in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, the mullet haircut is not something new. And now, in 2023, it’s becoming trendy again.
This haircut is associated with “business in the front, party in the back,” which means business or conservative look in the front and unconventional or party look in the back.

There are several hairstyles in mullet haircut. Here, we list a few of the most common mullet hairstyles.

  • Classic Mullet Haircut
  • Short Mullet
  • Long Mullet
  • Rat Tail Haircut
  • Modern Mullet Haircut
  • Faux Hawk Mullet Haircut
  • Afro mullet
  • Afro mullet fade
  • Mullet on natural hair
  • Edgy mullet with bangs
  • Curly mullet
  • Softly permed mullet with bangs
  • Crimped mullet
  • Punk mullet
  • Sleek mullet
  • Spiky mullet

1. Classic Mullet:

Classic mullet is a traditional and conservative mullet hairstyle with shorter hair on the top and side of the head (above ears) and long hair at the back. The hair length at the back could be from a few inches to the shoulder or beyond.

2. Short Mullet Hairstyle

In this variation of mullet haircut, we keep the overall length of the hair shorter. The hair size front to back is less extreme.

3. Long Mullet Hairstyle

In the long mullet, the length of back hairs often reaches well past the shoulders. The length of the back hair makes this style unique from other mullet styles.

4. Rat Tail Hairstyle

The rat tail mullet hairstyle is also called the braided hairstyle. In this style, a long strand of hair is left to hang down from the back of the head, looking like a rat’s tail.

5. Modern Mullet Hairstyle

As time goes on, the mullet hairstyle is also becoming modern and getting influenced by things like textured layers, fades, and creative colors.

6. Faux Hawk Mullet Hairstyle

This style combines elements of a Mohawk haircut and a mullet. From the front, you crown your hair like a Mohawk; from the back, you leave the hair long like a traditional mullet.

7. Afro mullet Hairstyle

This hairstyle blends traditional Afro hairstyle and mullet. Afro mullet is very famous among black people, especially men, who value it like their cultural heritage.

8. Afro Mullet Fade Hairstyle

This haircut is well-known among black men and women, but it particularly enhances the attractive appearance of black men. This haircut has an afro crown on top, but the hair on the sides is kept short, similar to a mullet.

9. Natural Hair Mullet Hairstyle

The Natural Hair Mullet or Effortless Mullet Hairstyle is also called the Black Girl Mullet. A famous black actress, Taraji Henson, is often seen with this hairstyle. The hair looks a little messy in this style, but using curls, coils, and kinks can make the style even more interesting.

10. Trendy Mullet with Bangs Hairstyle

This cool hairstyle is known for being worn by Actress Zendaya. She has tried it several times, and she always gets a lot of attention. It’s a bold, modern haircut that combines a stylish look with the unique mullet style. The word “Trendy” suggests that the style is daring and stands out from usual, old-fashioned hairstyles. With this hairstyle, the hair is kept short at the front, usually with bangs that frame the face, and longer hair is left at the back, near the neck.

11. Curly Mullet Hairstyle

Black guys with curly hair really like this effortless haircut. It got famous with Lionel Richie. He was the one with curly hair and tried curly mullet for the first time. In curly mullet, front and side hair typically remain small, while you can try different lengths at the back.

12. Softly permed mullet with bangs Hairstyle

From the name of this hairstyle, you can figure out its characteristics.
“Softly permed” means that the hair has been treated with a perm, a chemical process to add curls or waves to the hair.
“Mullet” means keep the front and side hairs short and let the back hair go.
“Bangs” means the shorter hair that hangs over the forehead.
Black people who love to have long hair but don’t have time to give them style or want some effortless look should try this haircut.

13. Crimped mullet Hairstyle

This also known as zigzag mullet. Crimped hair adds volume and dimension and gives them a playful appearance. A crimping iron or similar tool can get ridges in the hair. Crimped mullet was famous for black guys in the 1980s and 1990s. This hairstyle has a shorter front and sides, a longer back, and the added texture of crimped waves or ridges.

14. Punk Mullet Hairstyle

If you want to show your rebellious side? You can express yourself with this punk mullet haircut. It’s a very bold haircut. You can make it more attractive by using spikes and different hair shades.
In this hairstyle, the word “Punk” refers to a bold and rebellious aesthetic associated with the punk rock movement, and mullet is characterized by having shorter hair in the front and sides of the head, while the back is left longer.

15. Sleek mullet Hairstyle

This hairstyle is for black people who want a sophisticated and professional hairstyle. From the words sleek and mullet, you can characterize the main features of this haircut. In this hairstyle, you need to control frizz, straighten or smooth the hair, and ensure that the different sections of the hair are well-defined and tidy.

16. Spiky mullet Hairstyle

This hairstyle combines two different haircuts; one is a spikes haircut, and the other is a traditional mullet. Different types of products are available to make spikes, like gel or wax. When a barber follows the mullet hairstyling technique in this hair, they make spikes or pointed sections that stand upright from the scalp at the front.

Although this is not necessary, different mullet hairstyles are associated with different skin colors; here’s a table listing famous mullet hairstyles seen on individuals, both black and white, along with their notable characteristics:

Mullet HairstyleDescriptionFamous Individual
Curly MulletFeatures curly hair at the back, creating a textured contrast with shorter front and sides.Billy Ray Cyrus (White)
Punk MulletCombines the edgy style of punk with the classic mullet, often featuring spiky and bold elements.Rod Stewart (White)
Softly Permed Mullet with BangsIncorporates a gentle perm for subtle curls, along with bangs framing the forehead.Zendaya (Black)
Sleek MulletEmphasizes a polished and refined appearance, giving the traditional mullet a sophisticated look.David Bowie (White)
Crimped MulletAdds zigzag-like waves or ridges to the hair, combining a distinct texture with the mullet style.Pink (White)
Edgy Mullet with BangsFeatures shorter front and sides, longer back, and daring elements, like bangs framing the face.Zendaya (Black)