Best Natural Hair Loss Control Remedies You Should Try (2023)

What do you look in a person when you meet him or her for the first time? Of course, the overall appearance and smartness matters but the basic thing is looks. You judge a person by his or her looks. There a number of times when you also judge by that person’s hair. For instance, if a person has less or no hair, you would assume that he or she is old as a result of which they have started losing their hair.

At this moment there are two kinds of people reading this article, one who do judge people this way and others, who are regularly judged because they have hair fall problems. The good news is, this article is important for both of you. For people with less hair or facing hair fall, we are going to discuss natural ways of preventing hair fall and for people who judge other. It’s a great opportunity for you to help others out by recommending them these methods of gaining hair rather than judging them. So let us start with the reasons why we have hair fall and then we go over to the natural remedies.

Reasons why we lose hair:

To solve a problem, it is very important to know the reasons why we lose hair. This can be due to multiple reasons. The most generic reason is heredity. Due to family Gene’s, people tend to lose hair after sometime. Other reasons are physical and mental stress. You also lose hair due to over styling and excessive amount of experiments with hair. There’s a disease whereby you end up tearing off your hair because you are obsessed over it. However, so many problems ought to have a number of solutions as well.

Ways to reduce hair loss naturally:

Let us take a look at few of them.

Some dos:

  1. Granny’s diary: Confused? Wondering what your Granny’s diary might have? Well, all the old recipes for that matter and all the homemade solutions for different ailments as well. Go back to your roots. Onions grinded and applied on the affected area would give you hair growth in less than a week. At the same time, castor oil is the best way to grow hair. You can use green tea and apply the juice on your head to prevent hair loss. Curd with lemon works as the best conditioner as well as anti-hair fall solution. So next time you are worried about hair loss, just search for these things and apply. The hairless patches from your head would be gone, forever.
  2. Oils and massages: Now this is pretty easy. We know a lot of people out there are not really cool with oiling their hair. After all it makes your hair sticky and it is a more Indian thing to do. However, if you check, scientifically organic oil have a lot of vitamins that are required for your hair growth. Hot oil massage work wonders on your hair. In today’s polluted environment, this will also keep your hair smooth and manageable.
  3. Homemade shampoo: do you know that half of the people face hair fall because they use the wrong shampoo or conditioner. We just choose shampoos based on their advertisement and face value. We don’t even see if they suit us. We would suggest you use mild shampoo or make homemade shampoo. You can use natural things like henna, egg white, curd, jojoba oil and other natural things to make shampoos. This will not only nourish your hair, but also keep them chemical free.
  4. Aloe Vera: this is one of my favorite ingredients. It has multiple benefits for skin as well as hair. If you apply Aloe Vera juice on your hair regularly, you will find hair growth in no time. It also protects your hair from falling.
  5. Coconut oil: This is one oil that makes your hair roots strong. Heat it up a bit and apply on your head. This will reduce hair fall. You can also use Curry leaves in the oil. Boil them together and apply on your head for best results.

Some don’ts:

Besides the above tips, you have some don’t you need to follow:

  1. Avoid excessive styling: we all love to experiment with our looks. However, this might lead to weakening of our hair. Avoid excessive coloring or using heated instrument like straighteners and blow dryers. Use natural ways of drying up or coloring your hair.
  2. Make sure you cover your hair: whenever you are out in traffic, make sure you cover your hair. This will protect it from the sun and the pollution. Leaving it open will make it dirty and loose.
  3. Stop taking excessive stress: stress is one of the main reasons for hair loss. Stop taking physical or mental stress. Drink, eat and sleep on time. This will help you reduce hair fall to a great extent. A healthy life is solution to a lot of problems.
  4. For people with hormonal disorder: hormonal disorders can cause hair fall. You need to visit doctors for this. Proper medication will help you prevent this.
  5. Stop combing wet hair: wet hair is loss from the roots. Stop combing wet or tangled hair. Wait till it dries and then continue. Regular trimming of hair can help in reduction of hair loss as well.

There are other things that cause hair loss. For instance, if you are pregnant, or if you are taking some medication, that might cause hair loss. In such a case, you need to see a doctor immediately as that would be a better option.

Use these natural remedies and life will be easier. Hair fall might seem a small problem but the consequences can be grave. Start taking care of your hair from today. Happy and healthy hair will make you shine with confidence. Happy hair. Happy you.

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